[OSM-talk] Hiking Trails

Martin Simon ms_mailbox at web.de
Wed Aug 15 21:06:52 BST 2007

Am Mittwoch, 15. August 2007 21:25:43 schrieb Alex Mauer:
> Sven Geggus wrote:
> > Shure, thats how I do this right now. Anyway, looks like I did not get
> > the correct translation for "landwirtschaftlicher Weg" these are usually
> > asphaltic cycle/footways which I usually map as highway=service.
> Babelfish gives me "agricultural way" for this.  I assume these are
> (old?) farm access roads that have been paved for bicycle use?
> I would only tag it as "service" if it's legal for automobiles to use;
> otherwise, "highway=cycleway,cycleway=track,foot=yes" seems best to me.
> > I think we could enlist many of these people more easily if we have a
> > generic Data Model which is less motorist-centric.
> Agreed here.  Even aside from engaging additional people, I think a
> strong point (and a potential niche too) of OSM is in mapping things
> other than motor routes.  Motor routes are covered more than adequately
> by several competing (commercial) services.
> -Alex Mauer "hawke"

Hmmm... just because hte access by motor vehicles is limited to (for example, 
very common in Germany) agricultural machines and forester/woodworker 
vehicles, it does'nt make the way a cycleway - and this has nothing to do 
with being motor-centristic.

A cycleway is a rather specialized type of way and this reality is what - in 
my opinion - our tagging should reflect.

I don't think that OSM is about cyclists versus motorists , its about building 
a database of roads, ways etc that reflects reality close enough to give us 
the possibility to generate all kinds of maps out of it - be it for motor, 
cycle or hiking purpose.
(maybe, or surely, today's reality is mostly motor-centristic, but OSM is 
maybe not the right place to change reality ;-) )

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