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> The route-sharing seems to be one of the most significant differences
> between the roads of the US and UK; am I correct to think that each
> section of road in the UK is given one designation, and not multiple?
> That is, the situation where US 41, I-43, and I-94 are all on the same
> section of road, simply would not happen in the UK?

It does happen, in as much as a road will join with another road and
then reappear a bit further on. The example of the A10 and A414 near
me that I gave earlier on is one such case.

The difference is that (we think) that legally that section of road
only actually has the one number - you would not see a sign that
called that piece of road the A414 for example - all the signs will
call it the A10 for that section.

The most you might see is a (A414) on a sign, which means that the
road leads to the A414 and/or that the destination it appears next
to is reached via the A414.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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