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D Tucny d at tucny.com
Wed Aug 15 04:48:04 BST 2007

On 15/08/07, Jeffrey Martin <dogshed at gmail.com> wrote:
> When I look at the road tags on the wiki I really want
> to come up with my own system for Korea.
> I would just like to have a tag for each kind of
> symbol found on the road signs. Will this mess
> up the rendering?
> My Korean driver's license manual shows four different
> kinds roads for Korea. (p. 43)
> Expressway with a red, white, and blue shield.
> National road with a solid blue circle.
> Provincial road with a yellow rectangle.
> City road with a squished hexagon.

Expressway = highway=motorway?
National road (connecting major cities/provinces?) = highway=trunk?
Provincial road (connecting towns/cities?) = highway=primary?
City road, if it's a road in a city, could be anything depending on really
what type of road it is...

Do you have any examples, photos etc?

Once you have the highway type to use, then you can add name (with multiple
languages if desired, e.g. name:en for English, name:ko for Korean and
name:ko_rr for revised romanisation of Korean) and ref, as well as other
descriptive tags such as lanes, lighting, maxspeed etc.

Is there something you are trying to capture that isn't covered by this but
not sure how to tag it? Then throw out some more details and we can see what
we can come up with to help :)

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