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Hi Jeffrey,

Without being rude like Steve, he is basically correct.

The users of the map information do not see the highway tags, so their names do not matter. The end result is that you have big zoomy roads drawn in fat blue lines, less zoomy roads in green lines, down to crappy little roads drawn in thin yellow lines. This is basically the same all over the world.

You can adjust this for your country. Australia has a far less developed road system than the US for example, so where in the US, a secondary road is a minor state highway, in Australia it is possibly a crumbling piece of bitumen with the odd line down the centre joining two small towns. 


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On 15/08/2007 at 10:58 PM Steve Coast  wrote:

>On 15 Aug 2007, at 07:25, Jeffrey Martin wrote:
>> After seeing the Australian post and making my own Korean post I  
>> started reading
>> what I could find on the wiki.
>> I think it's obvious that we need to plan for a system that will  
>> work for every
>> highway system around the world.
>No I think that's super dumb. It's never going to work, ask the OGC.
>If in the UK we have M, A and B roads. If in country X you have T, F  
>and D roads then just tag them that way.
>If you want the system to magically know that an M road in the UK is  
>kind of like a autobahn in Germany or a freeway in the US then a tag  
>equivalence scheme is the way to go, or something like that  
>(something that says highway:motorway is the same as (or  
>approximately) highway:autobahn). If you want to make your roads  
>render on the map then either tag them with the Map_Features scheme  
>(that is, give up) or fix osm.xml to draw your roads correctly (my  
>There is no One True Ontology. Don't try to bend reality to a schema/ 
>ontology, just tag as reality and bend the tools (the renderers, etc).
>have fun,
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