[OSM-talk] Turn restrictions

Dave Stubbs osm.list at randomjunk.co.uk
Thu Aug 16 15:33:58 BST 2007

On 16/08/07, Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net> wrote:
> Robert (Jamie) Munro wrote:
> > Frederik's system "works today"
> Not completely. Quoting from the document:
> > There may be instances where you try to delete something and cannot
> > do so because it is a member of some entity, but a sane editor will
> > probably then offer to delete the entity as well.
> In other words potlatch.swf and amf_controller.rb will break entities
> until someone patches them.

Yeah, Steve's suggestion is as good a hack as any for anybody
desperate to map turn restrictions without the support of entities.
In the (hopefully not too) longer term the entities seem like a great
idea, especially with a working prototype already available. Obviously
the extension needs properly testing first :-)

In terms of code breaking entities, it's no worse than people renaming
streets and breaking the tagged restriction (assuming no code actually
crashes because of it). Except of course, if you're using the wrong
editor, you would have absolutely no way of knowing that there was
something there to be broken.

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