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Thomas Krauss mail at der-eichi.de
Thu Aug 16 21:04:50 BST 2007


I want to help openstreetmap and started some tracking actions.

But I have some privacy problems:
I want to delete or fake the timestaps of the gpx file AND
I want to delete some of the first and some of the last meters
(no one has to know, where I and for example my girlfriend lives - but I want to track the
big streets I drive on the way to her)

Can someone tell me, how I can fake or delete the timesteps and how to delete the first an last
gps points (graphicaly would be nice - without I can delete them by editing the the file by text-editor,
but then, I can't see, which one I want to delete)

I have the raw gps files with my gps device.

with greats

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