[OSM-talk] Name finder: "Budapesterplatz" vs. "Budapester platz"

Thomas Krüger openstreetmap.org at nospam.nowire.org
Fri Aug 17 01:17:42 BST 2007

David Earl schrieb:
> While I'm at it, what kind of abbreviation is common in these cases? Do 
> people write Hauptbahnstr for Haupbahnstrasse or Hauptbahnstraße? Would 
> you ever write Budapesterpl. or would it naturally always be Budapester 
> Pl. abbreviated, if indeed abbreviation is used at all?

All versions should be possible. My recommendation is to generalize the
names before indexing AND searching. Typical patterns defined by regular
expressions should be mapped to the same strings:

- strip off all characters except letters, numbers and dots
- make the whole string lowercase
- Apply the regular expression replacements, examples:
  * "street", "str\.?", "stra(ss)|(ß)e" -> "str"
  * "rd\.?", "road" -> rd
  * ...


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