[OSM-talk] Privacy - Time - Houses

Darryl Shpak darryl at shpak.ca
Fri Aug 17 04:35:01 BST 2007

John Wolter wrote:
> I'm not sure what you mean by "The OSM API doesn't make the timestamps 
> public anyway." I just downloaded a random trace (not one of my own) 
> from the GPS traces tab, and the timestamps were in there.

Simple: I was wrong :-)

I didn't think that the timestamps were publicly exposed in any way. 
Apparently they are, and now I've learned something. It doesn't really 
change my standpoint -- I'm not going to upload fewer GPX files now that 
I've learned this -- but it could matter to someone else, so thanks for 
clearing that up.

- Darryl

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