[OSM-talk] Editing and tagging - Potlatch, or just JOSM?

Barry barry at bettersoftware.co.uk
Fri Aug 17 10:14:23 BST 2007


It was certainly not intended as an accusation and I sincerely apologise to
anyone who took it that way. I have a very bad habit of using !!!!!

I've counted backwards from 10 and I'll leave you to it.

Happy Potlaching

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Hi Barry,

Actually, the way you posed and framed your 'question' does actually look
very much like an accusation. I read it that way.

I thought the response was quite muted and suited the tone of your

Let's all take a deep breath, count backwards from 10 and re-read what we
are about to post before pressing return ;)

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On 17/08/2007 at 9:33 AM Barry  wrote:

>You Guys are amazing
>> "tracing rivers and other landscape features from the Yahoo! imagery." 
>> - is this not breaking copyright????!!!!
>>Why do you think we have Yahoo! imagery in potlatch? Specifically because
>>we've been told that we can use it for deriving map data.
>It was a QUESTION - not an ACCUSATION!!!!!!

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