[OSM-talk] fuel type suggestions

Mark Williams mark.666 at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Aug 19 12:02:18 BST 2007

Alex S. wrote:
> Tom Chance wrote:
>> Should it not be fueltype=diesel;lpg;petrol? Or just lots of 
>> fueltype=diesel;fueltype=lpg etc.
>> There are lots of instances where we need multiple values for tags,
>> it would make sense to standardise on a method like separation with
>> semicolons or multiple entries and encourage all apps to support that.
> I would also propose the same with fuel grades - forex:
>   - fuel_octane = 87;89;93
>   - diesel_grade = a;b20
> etc.
This is getting horribly complex; Also I note that the discussion in the 
wiki was 8+ months ago & seems to have just died.

I suggest we have already amenity=fuel.

Would not fuel=list,of,arbitrary,types not fill the need for detail? If 
we could agree on some standard ones like petrol,diesel,LPG then this 
would stay largely in-date, with new major types (bio, hydrogen) getting 
added when it's happening.

Octane  lists  &  prices seem a bit  over-the-top to me, & perhaps 
should stay in their own tag for specialist renderers to use?
fuel_grade=petrol 97,petrol 99,diesel b20,deuterium d80 should be 
adequate to cover future expansion :)

I can't see a need for a gazillion tag types here; that would just mean 
a lot of taggers would get it wrong, look at that list last month!


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