[OSM-talk] fuel type suggestions

spaetz osm at sspaeth.de
Sun Aug 19 12:21:39 BST 2007

On Sun, Aug 19, 2007 at 12:02:18PM +0100, Mark Williams wrote:

> >> Should it not be fueltype=diesel;lpg;petrol? Or just lots of 
> >> fueltype=diesel;fueltype=lpg etc.
> >   - fuel_octane = 87;89;93
> >   - diesel_grade = a;b20

> This is getting horribly complex; Also I note that the discussion in the 
> wiki was 8+ months ago & seems to have just died.

Guys, it might be there is a reason why that discussion simply died. Your enthusiasm as data collectors seems overwhelming, but what do you really need all that for?
Drivers need to know there is a petrol station: amenity=fuel
plus it's nice to know the brand, personally I use brand=Shell, rather than name= as it's proposed on that page.

All the other stuff is mostly unneccessary. Whether they sell 99 or 100 octane gas, whether it's sulphur levels are high or low or whether it's cheaper than the surrounding stations is really nothing that belongs into OSM (IMHO).

Get the location and brand (and name if it has one), and start OpenPetrolMaps.org for the rest.

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