[OSM-talk] fuel type suggestions

Jeffrey Martin dogshed at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 23:24:45 BST 2007

In Korea I think I'll just mark stations as LPG=yes and at all other
stations we can assume it has petrol and diesel.

In other places it may work better to say a particular station does
not have a particular kind of fuel.

For that reason I think tags with yes or no are the best choice here.
If there is no yes or no for your fuel type then you can try to guess
based on location or ask.

In the US almost all the stations are pay-at-pump now. We can assume
it's pay at pump unless we say no. In other countries we might assume
it's no unless we say yes

It might be nice to select a good international tag for pay at pump.

On 8/20/07, Alex S. <maps at swavely.com> wrote:
> Jeffrey Martin wrote:
> > I agree in most situations you don't need all that information, but
> > here are two situations where some extra information is needed.
> >
> > Korea: LPG stations were added later and in almost all cases they are
> > very far away from a station that sells gasoline (petrol) and diesel.
> In the US, CNG stations tend not to have other fuel types - and regular
> stations tend not to have CNG storage tanks.  There are quite a few
> vehicles that have been converted to CNG in the US.
> > United States: Few cars use diesel so some stations don't have it.
> > Some stations that have diesel have diesel on the highway sign but
> > neglect to mention that the don't have room for large trucks.
> Depending on where you are, the situation is even worse - in my area,
> stations with diesel are the exception, rather than the norm.
> > I would like some more examples of where extra information is needed
> > so we can first define the issue.
> Here's a situation that might help:
> I have a compact diesel truck.  I'm in a strange city in the US (or
> perhaps I've gone to Canada for the weekend), and I need to refuel.
> I need to be able to distinguish only the fueling stations that carry
> diesel, or b20 biodiesel blend.  My vehicle's too old to run b100 - that
> will eat through my fuel lines unless I retrofit them.  And I pay cash,
> so I can't go to a 'card lock'-only station (someone called them 'fuel
> vending machines' on the list).
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