[OSM-talk] On tertiary highways

Michael Eric Menk mikemenk at yahoo.no
Mon Aug 20 22:26:54 BST 2007

Alex L. Mauer wrote:
> Jeffrey Martin wrote:
>>     two
>>     lanes, or that are wide enough for easy passing, to differentiate
>>     them from
>>     the tiny country lanes you wouldn't want to go down unless your
>> I'm using tertiary for similar roads in South Korea.
>> Please update http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Highway_tag_usage
>> with any changes.
There will always bee national differences.  In Scandinavia we do not 
keep the national number on the A and B-class roads, while in GB, they 
to not mark them at all, nor do they have ferries to link them together 
where there is no bridge or tunnel.

As it goes for tertiary, it's difficult to say from one country to an 
other what is the correct tag. The most important is the hiracy, and get 
in agreement of the whats what in each country.

I would say that
"tertiary is a slightly more important road than unclassified and 
residential (A subdivision main road; A industrial park main road; a 
rural man road near a larger road)"
> I'm surprised to see unclassified described as one-lane roads.  I
> understand these to be essentially the same as residential streets, only
> without residences.  One-lane roads would all be tracks, if you ask me.
I drove on a road yesterday which you call a track. The traffic on this 
"track" flowed at speeds between 80-90kph.

The road in question is a A-class road. ref=E34.

So you want that E6, E34, E16 (A-class roads) and E134 (B-class road) to 
be tagged as track????

Tag by importance, not how someone somewhere wants your road quality to bee.

note: all road-class is after the definition of the UN-body that defines 
the E-roads....

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