[OSM-talk] Would the surveyor of Wolfson College please stand up!

Stephen Gower socks-openstreetmap.org at earth.li
Tue Aug 21 11:47:00 BST 2007

  Hi,  nothing wrong at all, but I sit here in an office in Wolfson
  College, Oxford, day in day out and I've just spotted someone
  wandered round with a GPX and then traced an outline of the
  building in Potlatch last weekend while I was on holiday!
  Care to make yourself known?  It would be nice to know who's beaten
  me to my home turf!  And also, when I've tried getting a trace
  here, particularly in the Quadrangles, I've suffered from the
  "Urban canyon" effect and the traces have been useless - I'd be
  interested to know what GPS unit you're using (I was thinking I was
  going to have to do a trace from the roof, but the weather hasn't
  been good enough recently).

  Do get in touch

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