[OSM-talk] Mapping Qs: Hotel Complex? Beach? Enclosed Woodland?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Aug 22 10:20:09 BST 2007


> <rant>
> Stop mapping our own country, you german invaders!!
> </rant>

Well, as far as Majorca is concerned, it's lost for you already - a  
third occupied by Germans, another third by the English, and the  
remaining third are local people who (sometimes) dislike the Spanish  
even more than they dislike Germans and the English ;-)

Maybe I can offer you something in exchange... why don't you come and  
visit one of the wet and cold German North Sea islands, they're  
mostly unmapped terrain ;-)

>> Surely for the buildings and grounds, being able to make them part  
>> of a
>> larger hotel 'entity' would be ideal...
> Maybe a tag for marking "lot" or "parcel".

I've been toying with the idea of using "landuse" but that would then  
clash with a "landuse=residential" created for the area of the whole  

>> natural=water for a pool? That's blatant tagging not of what's  
>> there, but
>> how you want it to render... Surely something like leisure=pool  
>> would be
>> more accurate, even if renderers then needed their rendering rules
>> modified...
> But you'lll need to specify if the pool is a open-air pool, or is  
> inside a
> building (part of a in-city sports centre, for example). The  
> rendering should
> obviously be different.

But we don't yet draw things *inside* buildings on our maps ;-)  
leisure=pool is perhaps best for now.


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