[OSM-talk] Mapping Qs: Hotel Complex? Beach? Enclosed Woodland?

David Stevenson david at avoncliff.com
Wed Aug 22 13:53:52 BST 2007

80n wrote:

> However, we are missing any kind of specification of priority for
> overlapping landuse elements.  Should we just say that the render order is
> residential, commercial, industrial,... or should the render order be
> undefined, so that layer= has to be used explicitly, or should the default
> order be alphabetical?
> Or maybe some smarter method, like smaller areas that are completely
> enclosed by larger areas get rendered later?
With Highways we do not allow changes within a way. A road with a bridge
in the middle must be 3 ways. It would be consistent to have a similar
structure for areas. If the use changes it is another area.

As all land has some kind of use I guess the map is complete when all
areas are touching.


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