[OSM-talk] Mapping Qs: Hotel Complex? Beach? Enclosed Woodland?

Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Wed Aug 22 14:18:15 BST 2007

80n wrote:
> However, we are missing any kind of specification of priority for 
> overlapping landuse elements.  Should we just say that the render 
> order is residential, commercial, industrial,... or should the render 
> order be undefined, so that layer= has to be used explicitly, or 
> should the default order be alphabetical? 
> Or maybe some smarter method, like smaller areas that are completely 
> enclosed by larger areas get rendered later?
That smarter method would be ideal. Otherwise / in cases where they 
overlap, I think that residential, industrial, commercial, retail is as 
good a default order as any. So long as it's clearly documented in the 
right places and consistent with what Mapnik does, there's not much more 
you can do surely?

Ideally we'd all make sure they didn't overlap unless there was a good 
reason, as Andy suggests, but I think so many people are tracing huge 
residential areas and then sticking in smaller other areas that such 
dedication is a pipedream :)

Kind regards,

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