[OSM-talk] YWMS plugin: layer alignment, white tiles

Alex Mauer hawke at hawkesnest.net
Thu Aug 23 00:23:21 BST 2007

Is the YWMS plugin for JOSM being maintained?  I'd like to see a couple
of improvements, if anyone [else] is willing to make them:

First, tile alignment should be set for the entire layer, rather than
per block of tiles.  As it currently works, once a block is downloaded
and aligned with the data, any further blocks will still be at the
original alignment (necessitating painstaking and often inaccurate
alignment of blocks with each other).  If the entire layer could be
moved at one time, then it would only be necessary to do the alignment
once, after downloading several blocks of data.  Or better, if the layer
offset were retained and future blocks automatically adjusted to the new
position, then the alignment would only have to happen once, which would
be even better.

The second problem really makes the first even harder to work around:
Often some tiles, or portions of tiles, in the downloaded blocks will be
blank white -- this is always the tiles that are partially "outside the
block" on the right or bottom.  This makes it even harder to align the
blocks with each other, since lining them up requires placing common
features on each block so they overlap precisely -- and when it's plain
white, there are no common features!

I hope that someone can work on solving these problems eventually
(particularly the first, since the second can easily be worked around)

-Alex Mauer "hawke"

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