[OSM-talk] dangerous cycling lanes (was Re: A new highway tagging scheme - thinking about)

graham graham at theseamans.net
Tue Aug 28 14:38:17 BST 2007

Peter Miller wrote:

> To be clear though, just because a road has a lane or track does not make it
> 'recommended for cyclists' and part of the local cycle network. It might
> just make it a little less dangerous

Or more dangerous. I won't mark some roads with cycle lanes where I 
think they are really unsafe (ridiculously narrow and over drains; 
jumping off road onto pavement and back again at dangerous points; 
stopping suddenly where roads narrow leaving you in an unsafe position 
to continue; crossing roads at points where the traffic signals are not 
visible; etc). I also won't map footpaths as for cycling where our local 
council has recently started putting up signs showing pictures of 
parents with small toddlers and bicycles, after nearly hitting mothers 
with children in buggies a couple of times: I don't think mapping 
includes making councils look as though they have a real policy when all 
they are doing is taking the cheapest route that technically satisfies 

What do others do about this kind of thing? I've been putting off doing 
much mapping of cycling routes at all because I don't know what the best 
solution is. Having one-person censorship (effectively what I'm doing) 
is also not good.


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