[OSM-talk] raw GPS points: editable?

Luca Dionisi luca.dionisi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 08:27:41 BST 2007

On 8/28/07, Mark Williams <mark.666 at blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
> At the end of the day, if you've gone back & remapped an area, there is
> map data there.

Yours is a big assumption.  I think there are people who have the time to
map their trips and upload the tracks, but no time to map data.
In future, the availability of easy-to-use tools will make it possible for
users to contribute to the project with GPS tracks without having to
learn how to map things (ways, areas, nodes, names, attributes, ...)
This part is time consuming, you know.

In this scenario there could be in the server many more areas with only
GPS points than areas with "confirmed" data.
So, having a way to "edit" also this part, could be alot useful.

> you have to use some intelligence to map!

No doubt, here! :)

> I think the old tracks should stay, if only to maintain the audit trail
> for legal purposes. You could perhaps mark a file as 'deprecated' &
> exclude it from downloads - 'private' does this now - or as suggested, a
> bounding 'box of deprecation' could be done, but this would have to be
> on a per-file basis or your new points will suffer the same fate.

Bounding 'box of deprecation' on a per-file basis with exclusion
from download (and exclusion by default) is what I would like.

But anyone should be able to deprecate any other user's points.
And a way to se which file a point comes from is needed.

Thinking of it... the old road could have been tracked by many
users in many files. So deprecating a small and accurate bounding
box of points, no matter how many files are involved, should be


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