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Yann yann.hamon at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 04:57:15 BST 2007


I strongly support the "no" on the advertisements. I am quite aware of the
financial issues as I ammyself responsible for a rather large opensource
website  (>5 servers to host it). We live on fundraising campaigns,
providers giving us rackspace and or servers for free, buying servers on
ebay and even handling down the prices there (actually i didn't know it was
possible, but, it is :D), sharing costs with other groups, we actually even
get (!) money for organising events...

I think there are two ways to go if we want not to have ads: reducing
hosting costs by trying to get servers sponsored and or rack space for free
or very cheap, and trying to raise money, by starting a fundraising. I also
proposed to sell maps in towns where the coverage is 100%, but did not get
feedback on that proposition; may sound a bit idealistic but I think it is
not impossible to realize. Maps are expensive; we can make them cheaper.

I would support a fundraising in french speaking countries. But please,
remove the ads, try the alternatives, and then if really no option comes up,
we'll think about it again :)

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