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Sun Jul 1 06:58:57 BST 2007

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Hi folks,

I would like to say a few things on the advertising... I'll start with
saying, I don't like how it's currently implemented, but, I want to provide
constructive, useful feedback as I think it is something that could be
useful for the project if implemented well... so here goes...

1) I think having an icon at low zoom levels that covers up important
information, e.g. half of the name London on the default view is not good,
perhaps it would be better to restrict the adverts to higher zooms, or, make
the adverts default to off at lower zooms and default to on a higher zooms

2) I think having the method of using the advert being clicking on it's icon
on the map or hovering over the icon is not good, the mouse clicking on the
map should be for zooming and moving, popup hovering things could be
distracting, but, it seems it only works in one browser too, this looks less
professional, perhaps it would be better to have a marker, possibly numbered
and/or coloured that is referred to at the side or bottom of the map,
preferably making it obvious that it is sponsored content...
Perhaps in future, we will move POIs off the rendered maps and just use
overlays to represent them, I think this would be useful, and I can see how
the advertising could fit in with that as obviously sponsored, togglable
content which has a tag of a different shape/colour and text about it being
a sponsored advert near the text detail...

3) I think having to know that if you click on the + on the map, that you
might find an overlay popup, where you might find a toggle for the
advertising and that mappam might refer to the advertising is not very
obvious and intuitive, perhaps, at the very minimum, the layer should be
named as more obviously advertising, but I'd be tempted to go as far as
having some text on the page explaining how to toggle it and also perhaps
defaulting the layers popup to open...

In summary, I do think that advertising can fit with OSM, but I feel care
needs to be taken to ensure that it's done in such a way that it's not
intrusive and that it's obviously what it is, i.e. sponsored content...

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