[OSM-talk] advertising

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sun Jul 1 22:24:36 BST 2007


> Only Foundation members can vote in elections for officers.  No
> Foundation membership, no vote.

are there any docs which explain the details (dues, rights, election 
terms, decicion-making processes) of the membership? If not yet, can 
such a document please be put on the wiki?

> The Foundation officers that were 
> available,

Are there any infos on how many members the foundation currently is 

> were consulted about the adverts before they were 
> integrated.

...and how many officers have been available for the consultation?

> If people don't want to join the Foundation and 
> participate in its democratic processes, they can't really complain
> when the Foundation makes a descision they disagree with.

There's less info about the foundation available. The main info is that 
one year is bout 15GBP. Before people spend the money, they probably 
want to know what their money buys.

Further, it's a UK foundation. As OSM is an international project, what 
legal issues does this rise for members outside the UK?

HTH & best regards,


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