[OSM-talk] advertising

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Mon Jul 2 15:55:02 BST 2007


> Given the amount of OSM activity in Germany I think it would be
> excellent to have a local representative organisation of some kind.
>  Christoph, ar you volunteering to get the ball rolling?

being a cosmopolitan, I'd prefer to support a non-national organisation. 
As soon as I come to the conclusion that OSMF represents the complete  
openstreetmap.org project (and not only its foundation or board 
members), tries very hard to respect the feelings of the project 
members and provides the infrastructure for the complete project, I'll 
not hesitate to become a member and contribute my duties.

I even would help founding a national foundation and being a member 
there, just to make it possible to start fundraisings nationally.

But I'll surely not help to form something national like a german "fork" 
of OSM. All the project's infrastructure and organisation must be done 
internationally to get the best results out of our efforts. Even that 
the most activity currently is seen in the UK and DE, we want to create 
a world map, not a patchwork of national maps.



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