[OSM-talk] advertising

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Tue Jul 3 09:47:05 BST 2007

Matthew Perry wrote:

> Can someone explain to me why map-based ads are preferable to having
> adverts on the side of the map rather than on the map itself?

 From my point of view, which may, of course, not be shared by anyone else:

- They help to validate OSM as a worthwhile, and innovative, map service.
- They look better. Google ads are IMO naff.
- The services advertised are themselves better and, crucially, more  
relevant. We've had reports of people (see list passim) downloading  
Starware spyware from the Google Ads, thinking that it's a client  
which needs to be used to view OSM.
- Anything that encourages plurality in the online ad market is a good thing.

I do think we need something on the left of the page saying "This  
little ad [icon] helps to support the project bills. Log in and it  
goes away." (We could also have a JavaScript link here to hide the  
mappam overlay.)


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