[OSM-talk] advertising

Stefan Baebler stefan.baebler at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 15:48:24 BST 2007

Ok, lets assume for a moment that OSMF can't continue the mission
without advertising...

Polluting the map with ads is a bad idea as it looks like it
compromises the integrity of data (even if it technically is a
separate layer). No matter how fancy the icon and the popup looks
like. It might be acceptable on other sites, but most certainly not on
a site whose main purpose is relaying the idea that maps made by the
people are of equal or better quality than commercially available

So, keep the integrity of the shown maps by moving the ads off of it!

Google ads succeeded mostly because they were not so intrusive
(flashing, animated, annoying, heavy) to get blocked by sensitive
users and are somewhat relevant to the content (getting some actual
clicks). Mappam has some potential, but it should follow these

Some bones to chew upon:

a) Feel free to show the relevant ads (based on bounding box) below
the map. You could even mark (eg with circle) the advertised location
on the map when users hover their mouse's cursor over the ad. You can
also do the opposite and highlight the text ad below the map when user
hovers the cursor near the advertised location on the map or go even
further and change the textual ads to show ads for location currently
under cursor (all smoothly, with some delay to avoid too intrusive
blinking Christmas tree effect). Users could be shown several ads at
once. Don't overdo it though :)

b) There should be a friendly way to hide the ad layer, or users
*will* find one. Adblock would work perfectly, and users would never
see these ads again, which is *worse* than kindly allowing users to
turn them off if they wish so. To lessen the annoyance a cookie "user
dislikes mappam ads" should be set, with validity of at least a day.

It might happen that alternative, ad-free maps
(http://www.informationfreeway.org/ ,
http://www.frankieandshadow.com/osm/ ....) will eventually become more
popular amongst mappers, visiting osm.org just for the wiki, GPX
upload and api.


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