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Nicola Ranaldo ranaldo at unina.it
Tue Jul 3 14:03:04 BST 2007

On Tuesday 03 July 2007 10:32:49 Matthew Perry wrote:
> On 7/2/07, paul youlten <paul.youlten at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Long live Mappam! May a hundred thousand mini-markers bloom!

OSM coverage is low, does not have an online route planner, etc. etc. but it's 
FREE, it's done by volounters and skilled and passionate peoples all over the 
world. This is the main reason why the project survives and grows every day.
I think onmap ads will hurt the personal philosophy of many of our 
contributors and of many of new or casual visitors. But this is only a 
personal opinion. Howewer i will think if the same will happen to other 
projects i'll abandone them. Suppose just for a bit if wikipedia will 
have "Microxxxx" banner poping up... You may search "Microxxxx" page on 
wikipedia and you'll find more and *better* information about this company 
becouse these information was not written by Microxxxx evangelist 
At the same time, i dream this scenario:

<node id="xxx" lat="yyy" lon="zzz">
 <tag k="amenity" v="restaurant">
 <tag k="description" v="This is a very nice restaurant with good fish and 
 <tag k="user_comments" v="This place is very nice, a complete dinner will 
cost you only 15€ - Niko 23/12/2006\nI may confirm this too, they have greats 
and cheaps local wines - Jonh 15/1/2007\n"

instead of a floating icon with a description written by the restaurant owner.
As a second consideration i want my places mapped as better as i can. So i'll 
insert every restaurant, every pub, every shop and so on for free and 
directly in the database.
How much is this compatible with the growing of the on-map advertising?
May be someone will be interested in removing tags or nodes to have a better 
ROI from their ads?

This is just my doubts and my opinion.


	Nicola Ranaldo

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