[OSM-talk] proposed features: lake and moat + definitions in wiki

Luka Frelih luka at ljudmila.org
Tue Jul 3 20:03:07 BST 2007


i've put proposals for waterway=lake (area), waterway=moat (way or area) 
and waterway=intermittent lake (area) to the wiki at 

please look them over and comment or ammend in the wiki.

when doing that, i noticed that map features have short definitions in 
the table but that proposed features are without them. to encourage the 
community to come up with short summaries of proposed features too i 
added a definition column to the proposed feature templates. for 
instance i had no idea what a bus sluice is before reading the proposal 
page and looking at the wikipedia entry. :) so please go and fill them 
in and clarify or shorten existing ones appropriately.

i'd love to hear on this list whether this makes things easier or harder 
for you. it seems to be somewhat supported in the discussion page under 
"tables" where someone also proposes ditching the rendered as column. im 
not sure about that, id rather change the layout in the template from 
table rows to something more card-like.

i also noticed a lot of the accepted map features are described as 
applying to segments (actually all linear features except the airport 
codes). i thought tagging segments was deprecated. so we should probably 
update this part of the official documentation. there is no case where 
segments would be listed but ways not.

btw, the map features page doesnt use templates like the proposed 
features. if it did, it would be somewhat easier to parse them out of 
the wiki into properly formatted data files for things like presets. or 
to "bless" (cut&paste) proposed features to official ones after the 
voting. i hope someone finds the time to convert it soon!


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