[OSM-talk] advertising, Money: for which purpose and how much?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jul 3 21:01:36 BST 2007


>> I would love to see a second database server which replicates data
>> from the #1 database server (only "current" tables) and serves all
>> read requests from there. Only write requests should go to the #1
>> database server. I hope that this will considerably increase
>> performance and enable us to allow larger bounding boxes and more
>> elements for downloading. The whole thing could also be the first
>> step to wider replication.

> I think (concerning Hardware) the answer to this question is: We do have a 
> German Server openstreetmap.de which currently does almost nothing ( except 
> one apache serving 3 html pages ...). So If you still have time; I'm sure 
> you're welcome to use this hardware to start/try/do something like the above.
> So for this I don't see any real need for a new hardware ...

MySQL replication over the net is possible but there will invariably 
more hiccups than if it's running in the same LAN. Performance of the 
main server could be adversely affected if there's network congestion, 
and there's a danger of people becoming hostile to the whole idea of 
replication because of that.

Once we manage to replicate the data to a second machine that sits next 
to #1 database, we can further distribute data from that machine without 
adverse influence on the main database, but I think the "first hop" 
should really be a LAN hop.


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