[OSM-talk] collective and derived work - a real world example

Chris Fleming me at chrisfleming.org
Wed Jul 4 15:29:49 BST 2007

Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> Frederik Ramm wrote:
>> If the copyright holders of the other layer data have agreed to this,  
>> I see absolutely no reason why your plan should not work.
>> CC-BY-SA "infection" works forwards only - derived products have to  
>> be licensed CC-BY-SA. No part of CC-BY-SA postulates that other  
>> components used together with a CC-BY-SA licensed content must  
>> somehow "reversely" become CC-BY-SA.
> You are saying that just the movie must be CC_BY_SA while the underlying
> data, statistics, etc which were used to create that movie need not be
> relicensed or be published, right? In that case, this would probably not
> be a problem for the authorities involved...
> I'm just being a bit thick and slow today, sorry.
Yes CC-BY-SA only applies forwards....

I think that most people will agree with this statement if OSM data is 
used as source then provided that the final "works" is licensed under 
CC-BY-SA then the OSM licensing requirements have been met.

 From an OSM point of view, we don't care what other things have 
contributed (although the license holders for these may).

The CC-BY-SA license should *not* be confused with a GPL style license 
where the "source" also need to be made available


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