[OSM-talk] AND donate entire street network of Netherlands to OSM

Lambertus osm at na1400.info
Thu Jul 5 10:12:32 BST 2007

Steve, hopefully this email you've sent is based on misinterpreting 
Martijn's. I therefore suggest that you re-read it and send an apology. 
The way you, as a project foreman, replied is shocking. You should not 
treat other members like this, even if they ask for it (which is 
certainly not the case).

I think the question from Immanuel is very interesting. Martijn was just 
answering on the 'why a commercial company would give away the core data 
on which their business is based'. I find nothing negative in his 
answer, just realistic assumptions on the subject.

Back on the subject of the TS:
As a mapper in the Netherlands, I am a bit ambiguous about this news. 
Ofcourse it is really, really cool that the coverage of the Netherlands 
will be enormously enhanced by this attribution. When the data import is 
successfully completed we will be able to call the OSM map of the 
Netherlands a 'real' map. It will probably be the start of many people 
actually using the OSM data, not just the few dozen mappers.

On the other hand, currently I am able to put my mark on the map and a 
'considerable portion' (which is subject to dispute ofcourse) of the map 
is based purely on my work (cycling and driving around and mapping the 
tracks afterwards) which is greatly satisfying. Like many I am addicted 
to all factors of tracking and mapping. The arrival of a huge 
professionally acquired lump of data will drown (or even replace) my 
contribution which feels disappointing.

So my conclusion: This news is great for the OSM project, but not 
directly for the mappers.

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