[OSM-talk] IBM Thinkplace Proposal

Brett Henderson brett at bretth.com
Thu Jul 5 13:16:12 BST 2007

Nick Black wrote:
> Hi Brett,
> This seems like a great proposal - I've read it through very quickly
> and you seem to have all the important points in there.  What do you
> need from the OSM community?
> Cheers,
Thanks for taking the time to read it.  If it goes further we'll put 
more time into refining it and coming up with something more concrete.  
We will definitely take any comments or suggestions on board.

I had two reasons for sending the email at this point:
1. Get an idea how this type of idea would be received by the community.
2. Generate some activity on the ThinkPlace site.

Point 2 is the main are we need assistance at this point :-)  ThinkPlace 
activity will help the idea get noticed and bubble up to the top of the 
There is also a section where you can volunteer to help make the idea 
happen.  I don't know what the implications of signing up for this are 
(I've added myself to the list), but this would also be viewed very 

I'm obviously working a number of internal channels to build interest 
but there's not much anybody can do to help me there.  Information from 
the talk list such as today's AND announcement is very useful though.  
The slide packs used during talks have also been useful for explaining 
what OSM is about.  It's been very easy to get people interested.  
Whether that translates into anything concrete we'll just have to wait 
and see.


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