[OSM-talk] talk Digest, Vol 35, Issue 47

Doru-Julian Bugariu j.bugariu at wad.org
Fri Jul 6 16:14:13 BST 2007

talk-request at openstreetmap.org schrieb:

>> Sorry Nick, I'm getting confused here - how do I deselect the ads now?
> This is nothing to do with OSMF - its the Mappam javascript.  Frederik
> knows that, but he wants you to think its the perverse, gold-digging
> capitalist scoundrels abusing his idealogically superior view of how
> OSM should look.

WTF?!? Everybody has the right to express his oppinion! This *is* a
community project not China! Although I have respect for the work you
guys did, you're not the only persons who spend time and money for this
project. I agree, if you weren't there, OSM would not exist, but, on the
other side, if we weren't here OSM would not exist anymore!

Second: I dindn't understand Frederik in that way that he demonized ads
or earning money with OSM data. He just said, that ads, as they are
visible on openstreetmap.org and (more important) *how* they were put
there, are not OK for the project. In that points I have to agree with him.

If OSM needs money put the amount and the intended use on the donations
page in the wiki, or the main page, so everybody could see it.

Sorry for my harsh words, but I'm kinda pissed off about the people here
behaving like in kindergarten (including me of course).


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