[OSM-talk] does OSM currently really need more Money?

Joerg Ostertag openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Fri Jul 6 16:59:41 BST 2007

> If OSM needs money put the amount and the intended use on the donations
> page in the wiki, or the main page, so everybody could see it.

I tried to get this answer already, but was not successfull.
But maybe ....
  - I looked at the wrong place ... 
    Maybe I'd have to dig the WiKi, ...
  - I had a problem with my Spam filters.
    6000 Spam mails a day hitting the filters might produce
    some losses. Even with less than 1/10000 false positive, this would be
    more than 2 lost mail a week. It's possible ...
    Maybe this results in a negative attitude against all 
    kinds of Advertisement.
  - I never realized a real  Statement about what we (the OSM Project) 
    currently really  needs.
    I'm really missing something like:
		we need a new Rackserver for creating mapnik tiles
		with Quad-CPU, 4Ghz, 500GB HDD, 16GB RAM
		and it costs 5.000,- Euros
 - The OSM-Project itself currently dons not really need more Hardware.
 - The OSM project itself currently has enough Money.


Jörg (Germany,Munich)

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