[OSM-talk] does OSM currently really need more Money?

Dirk-Lüder Kreie osm-list at deelkar.net
Fri Jul 6 17:55:02 BST 2007

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Joerg Ostertag schrieb:
>> If OSM needs money put the amount and the intended use on the donations
>> page in the wiki, or the main page, so everybody could see it.
> I tried to get this answer already, but was not successfull.
> But maybe ....
>   - I looked at the wrong place ... 
>     Maybe I'd have to dig the WiKi, ...
>   - I had a problem with my Spam filters.
>     6000 Spam mails a day hitting the filters might produce
>     some losses. Even with less than 1/10000 false positive, this would be
>     more than 2 lost mail a week. It's possible ...
>     Maybe this results in a negative attitude against all 
>     kinds of Advertisement.
>   - I never realized a real  Statement about what we (the OSM Project) 
>     currently really  needs.
>     I'm really missing something like:
> 		we need a new Rackserver for creating mapnik tiles
> 		with Quad-CPU, 4Ghz, 500GB HDD, 16GB RAM
> 		and it costs 5.000,- Euros
>  - The OSM-Project itself currently dons not really need more Hardware.
>  - The OSM project itself currently has enough Money.
> -
> Jörg (Germany,Munich)

The problem is, that the people who should know don't have the time to
actually assess what is needed.
Long-term financial planning is quite difficult because you don't really
know what is needed next, and you don't want to spend your money on a
nice RAID array and then discover you're running out of CPU power to
feed it.
So basically what I suggest is, finding short and midterm goals, put a
price tag on them and try to meet those goals via fundraising campaigns
not unlike those of wikipedia (progress bar and all).

I've been on the phone with Nick Hill to try and get some figures out of
him but he couldn't tell offhand and is looking into producing some hard
figure to put up as our next short term fundraising goal.

To answer your question: for the day-to-day operations OSM currently has
enough money, but could use more. The hardware is about adequate
currently, but we could use "more".

That seems to be the state of affairs.
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