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Nigel Magnay nigel.magnay at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 19:16:18 BST 2007

> I think the discussion the last few days already have shown that
> at least many people don't like these ads. IMHO they should therefore
> be removed immediately until an acceptable solution is found.

Acceptable, of course, including covering the missing revenue.

Truly I have never seen so many high-horses climbed upon in such a short
space of time. OSM has relied on the goodwill of people who not just
contribute time (which they can value at whatever they like), but things
like bandwidth which, despite what you'd like to believe, *isn't* free. If
OSM were as popular as google maps, the amount of bandwidth leeched (from
UCL?) would probably hasten the need to find a revenue source to cover the
real costs in running these things.

I don't like adverts. I don't like them on google maps either. At least with
OSM I can get all the data and the renderers and play in my own sandbox if I
don't like the way the rest of the children play, which is what I suggest
all the people moaning around here do.
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