[OSM-talk] Move leisure=slipway to waterway=slipway?

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
Sat Jul 7 13:21:38 BST 2007

80n schrieb:
> waterway=slipway is the natural and obvious tag.  
I would see the map features page being consistent and "clean" be a 
value by itself, making it easier and more enjoyable to work with - not 
only for newbies.
> Even people who *know* that it should be leisure=slipway may forget 
> from time to time and tag it as waterway=slipway 
Hmmm, what I was proposing is to change the wiki page accordingly - I 
might not have been clear about that. Not my personal way of mapping things.
> or even highway=slipway.
highway=slipway?!? And in the background you here Bruce Springsteen 
singing: "I'm going down, down, down, down ..." ;-)))
> There is no prohibition and no compulsion, do what seems right.
> I noticed recently that a *very* experienced OSMer had been tagging 
> highway=footpath instead of highway=footway.  Let the renderers deal 
> with these things, its easy enough to handle several synonyms for 
> common tags.
I don't like this approach. Even the simple mappaint elemstyles.xml has 
around 1000 lines now (I'm currently working on it, extending it to the 
things on the features page) and still missing a lot of stuff. Adding 
all the tags that people used to use (probably even including 
missspelled things) will let the size of this explode - maintaining it 
probably become a nightmare (which is already not very popular, it seems).

Not to say anything about this probably slowing down rendering ...

Regards, ULFL

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