[OSM-talk] Advertising debate held hostage by Wittgenstein

Charles Basenga Kiyanda kiyanda2 at uiuc.edu
Sun Jul 8 08:17:34 BST 2007

> Now, as a member of this community, I need to make a decision.  I have 
> only been mapping for about 6 months, but I absolutely love it.  I have 
> mapped substantial amounts of Saskatchewan and have worked on software 
> to follow rivers on Landsat images.  (not bragging... just pointing out 
> i have been more than casually involved.)  I have also spent many late 
> nights on IRC as a member of the community.  My experience, however, has 
> been soured by the actions of its leader.  Do I want to be led by 
> someone who may call me a "fuckwit" or "dumb fuck?"  (remember, I 
> actually feel the same about the ads as the people who were directly 
> called this)  The answer is "no."  I see the ads have been removed.  
> Sadly, by now, that's not even the issue anymore.  The damage has been 
> done, and I see little to no attempt to begin repairing it.
> For the near future, at least, my involvement with OSM will be reduced 
> to "Lurk." 
I hear you on this one. I haven't been nearly as involved as you are. 
Basically, I've been submitting tracks in New Mexico and started mapping 
the streets properly (although I haven't updated any changes yet). I was 
in Hawaii not long ago and brought the gps along for the express purpose 
of doing some mapping of the highways I would be travelling on while I 
was there. Yet, with all the bickering, I'm reconsidering whether I 
should really get involved deeper into this project. "Open source" 
projects like this one aren't just about embracing a good cause that one 
wants to see furthered. It's also about enjoying the time you're doing 
it. The bickering on the list and the fuckwit and dumb fuck comments 
(especially since they come from the leader of the project) make me 
reconsider my choice to get involved.

No offense to anyone, I'm just adding on the situation as it is 
experienced by new members.



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