[OSM-talk] Advertising debate held hostage by Wittgenstein

graham graham at theseamans.net
Sun Jul 8 10:44:08 BST 2007

Tom Chance wrote:
> Hullo,
> On Saturday 07 July 2007 21:09:02 Lars Aronsson wrote:
>> The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, in his Tractatus, pointed out
>> that "Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent".
> I have, thus far, been silent on this debate, but I wanted to say that this 
> post summarised most of my thoughts very well.
> Maybe we need some kind of straw poll facility on the web site to find out if 
> these issues are the obsession of a vocal (and too often rude) minority, or 
> if there are in fact genuine issues to work through.

My personal opinion is that the advertising issue in itself (not the 
governance issues it raised) is relatively minor, but that the AND offer 
(and potentially an IBM offer) are massively important and it is a real 
shame that the advertising fiasco plus Steve's original 'fuckwit' mail 
have killed off discussion of this. Especially with Dutch members.

I too hope there is time and will to slot in a discussion session at 
SOTM, maybe with an agenda developed on the wiki first, and someone 
(etienne?) able to report back to the list for those of us who can't be 


> I look forward to hearing what is discussed re: fundraising and community 
> governance at SOTM.
> Kind regards,
> Tom

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