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Berto 'd Sera berto.d.sera at gmail.com
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It would be safer if restricted the acceptable links to several acceptable
sources, like wikipedia.

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Yann wrote:
> As we indicate churches on our map, it could be indicated as, well, a 
> small icon saying "Historical Monument". Now imagine there a small hint 
> on that icon (a small magnifying glass on the bottom right hand corner 
> of the icon, for example) which tells you, you can actually click on it. 
> And you click on it, and a small popup appears, with the title "Eiffel 
> tower", the default wikipedia picture, and the description of the 
> picture. And if you click on the picture, you go to wikipedia's article.

I think having links to external information can be useful in certain 
cases, like a URL to wikipedia or some other place that is relevant. 
Preferably to a URL that is expected to be available for a long time. 
But I object to adding nontrivial information itself (or a picture in 
this case) to openstreetmap. After all it's supposed to be a map, not an 
encyclopedia or photo gallery. One should also keep in mind that having 
URLs in the map database makes it even more enticing to spammers to abuse.


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