[OSM-talk] Wikipedia Integration

Yann yann.hamon at gmail.com
Sun Jul 8 20:40:14 BST 2007

> It'd be crazy to have links to a particular resource in the dataset.
> It's no more necessary than adding the same data to Google Map's dataset
> to implement http://www.placeopedia.com/.
> I don't think that's what Yann's advocating though is it?

Maybe I missed some examples ;) Concerning spam and links to URLs, that's
not exactly what I had in mind. Let's take my Eiffel Tower example again. I
think it is a valuable data for openstreetmap, so I want to add it. Once
logged in, I go to a special page with only one input: the name of the
wikipedia page, here "Eiffel_Tower". The data gets retrieved by a script on
the server, and automatically adds the small icon on Paris at the right
place - with or without a photo when you click on it. I like the idea of a
thumbnail , though :P

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