[OSM-talk] Wikipedia Integration

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Mon Jul 9 12:02:45 BST 2007


> Maybe I missed some examples ;) Concerning spam and links to URLs,
> that's not exactly what I had in mind. Let's take my Eiffel Tower
> example again. I think it is a valuable data for openstreetmap, so I
> want to add it.

another approach was reverse geocoding. A map server that displays POIs 
can offer a link for the POI. Instead of hardcoding the URL into our 
data, it can send the geocoords to another server and ask it for 

* The map server can ask the geocoordinate server for i18n'ed resources, 
according to the browser's lang settings
* We do not need to enter all the URLs
* We do not need to maintain the URLs
* Maybe the map server can decide which domains are trustworthy
* We avoid spamming


Just my two cents,


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