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Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Tue Jul 10 09:43:34 BST 2007

I know how much people here just love legal stuff, but there seems to be
confusion currently about how people should attribute OSM data when they use
it resulting in either nothing being displayed, or completely inappropriate
text, for example (c) OpenStreetMap (it isn't copyright and OpenStreetMap is
not a legal entity and can't hold copyright anyway (OSMF is a legal entity).
My company wishes to use OSM data and we would like to know what to display


While discussing this matter on legal-talk it has been pointed out that the
OpenStreetMap.org web-site violates the BY clause unless it provides
attribution to each contributor (where practical).  The current data stats
page lists the top contributors. Can a version of this report be extended to
list all contributors (somewhere between 1000 and 8000 users), except those
who have opted to keep their identity private? 


It also became apparent that planet.osm is a Collective Work (CC BY SA) made
up from all the individual contributions. The Licensor for a Collective Work
needs to be an 'Individual or Entity' (1f). The only 'Entity' that comes to
mind to publish the whole thing is the OSMF so I propose that OSMF formally
publishes planet.osm as a Collective Work. This makes sense as the OSMF can
go after people legally who mis-use the data and individual contributor can
go after OSMF (and its directors) if they misuse the data! It is also then
clear that if users of planet.osm have questions about how they can and
can't use it then they know who to ask; anyone who is interested in some of
the background to can refer to the discussion on legal-talk.


Now, back to attribution..... We need a short phase and that OSMF will
insist is used in *all* cases where planet.osm data is used which links back
to more complete information on the web site. Here is my proposed wording
covering web and paper map visualisation and other data uses...




Web map/visualisation:

"(cc) OpenStreetMap, some rights reserved"

The phrases 'OpenStreetMap' and 'Some Rights reserved' must be linked back
to appropriate places on the OSM website. The text should either be either
placed over the map at an appropriate location butted up to the map. The
font size should be 8 point of larger. We would need legal advice about
whether we should have the phrase 'OpenStreetMap' or 'Open Street Map
Foundation' here. Given the www.OpenStreetMap.org is run by OSMF there
should be no difference.



Paper map/visualisation:


"(cc) www.openstreetmap.org some rights reserved"


"(cc) www.openstreetmap.org some rights reserved (CC-BY-SA)"

Font size 8 point or larger.



For other uses of the data:

map data "(cc) www.openstreetmap.org some rights reserved"

Font size 8 point or larger.












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