[OSM-talk] Attribution

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Tue Jul 10 10:55:41 BST 2007

Peter Miller wrote:
> I know how much people here just love legal stuff, but there seems to be 
> confusion currently about how people should attribute OSM data when they 
> use it resulting in either nothing being displayed, or completely 
> inappropriate text, for example (c) OpenStreetMap (it isn't copyright 
> and OpenStreetMap is not a legal entity and can't hold copyright anyway 
> (OSMF is a legal entity). My company wishes to use OSM data and we would 
> like to know what to display :)

Mapnik uses "Open Streetmap Contributors" as copyright attribution. I 
like that a lot. It should of course link to an attribution page or 
whatever. But then IANAL.


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