[OSM-talk] map features: shop items look strange and supermarket should also be moved here?!?

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
Wed Jul 11 00:38:31 BST 2007

David Earl schrieb:
>> Anyway, so I'll change the shop topic into:
>> bakery
>> butchers (is this the common term then?)
>> supermarket
>> and remove supermarket from amenity.
> No, please don't do that. There are hundreds of supermarkets tagged as 
> amenity=supermarket, and the voters on shop specifically asked that 
> supermarket was not changed.

I've read 
three times now, and as you've suggested supermarket yourself to be 
moved, I've read three votes (leaded by batchoy) to change it and none 
against it.

The only thing mentioned to be kept as amenity should be 
amenity=pharmacy, which I perfectly understand to keep the "medical 
stuff" under one key.
> Supermarkets have only juststarted being rendered on osmarender, and 
> if they get changed again, osmarender will be playing catch up.
First of all, my goal is to get the map features page into a "clean 
state" - as I see this as the root for any other stuff. There are still 
a lot of things that just "don't fit well", and keeping it that way 
because some renderer might not render it for some time is basically an 
argument for a complete stand still. To my experience, when you know the 
right direction to go, it's much less painful to change it right away 
than to wait for some vodoo magic to happen.

In it's current state, osmarender seems to be missing a *lot* of icons 
already in map features, so it's better to fix the map features page 
first - just before they're implemented "anywhere" else.

BTW: I guess the most time consuming thing to get icons into osmarender 
is not to implemented it, but to find the right icon for it that's 
approved be the voting process. So changing the key/value pair should be 
pretty easy.

In recent days I've added more than 50 new icons for mappaint - as I 
simply implemented it and I expect that some icons will be deeply 
criticised. But IMHO that's a much faster process to come to some 
conclusion than what we currently have.

So implementing this stuff in osmarender should be pretty easy IMHO - if 
someone actually find's the time and motivation and (probably the most 
difficult thing) there's a common sense how the icon(s) should look like 
- but that's already done for supermarket.
> If you want another example, how about shop=bicycle or shop=greengrocer
Sorry, don't understand you here. Example for what?

Regards, ULFL

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