[OSM-talk] map features: shop items look strange and supermarket should also be moved here?!?

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Thu Jul 12 08:12:54 BST 2007

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Ulf Lamping wrote:

> The only thing mentioned to be kept as amenity should be 
> amenity=pharmacy, which I perfectly understand to keep the "medical 
> stuff" under one key.
>> Supermarkets have only juststarted being rendered on osmarender, and 
>> if they get changed again, osmarender will be playing catch up.
> First of all, my goal is to get the map features page into a "clean 
> state" - as I see this as the root for any other stuff. There are still 
> a lot of things that just "don't fit well", and keeping it that way 
> because some renderer might not render it for some time is basically an 
> argument for a complete stand still. To my experience, when you know the 
> right direction to go, it's much less painful to change it right away 
> than to wait for some vodoo magic to happen.

+1 for the possibility to move things if it seems useful and as long as
it stays to a reasonable low amount of changes.
amenity=supermarket -> shop=supermarket seems like a perfectly valid case.

It would be nice if we kept a list of such changes. I could then run the
fixbot from time to time on the planet and we could auto-move "old" tagging.

I see Dave's point on why change for the sake of it is bad. But
consistency makes it easier as well, or we could start just using
numerical id's for the values right away, which would save lot's of disk

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