[OSM-talk] map features: shop items look strange and supermarket should also be moved here?!?

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Wed Jul 11 08:23:24 BST 2007

> I suggest using butcher rather than butchers in any example and then
> systematically keep to the singular rather than plural.

good point.

> This will 
> cut down on confusion on what tag to put.  English, at least UK
> English, unfortunately allows both to be used pretty much
> interchangeably for traditional shop types:  I am going to the
> butcher(s) grocer(s) greengrocer(s) fishmonger(s).

Isn't this the Genitive case instead of the plural? AFAIR I was teached 
that it's short for butcher's (house|shop) and so on. One more reason 
to stay with butcher to avoid tagging confusion (butchers, butcher's 



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