[OSM-talk] [Talk-GB] NCN refs - consistency

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Jul 11 11:47:32 BST 2007

David Earl wrote:

> There's a problem with the same way being used by multiple routes in
> general, and how to link up with their identifiers. The route tag
> doesn't really work - has been commented on several times on this list.
> I wonder if we should try to clear that up rather than just address NCN.
> [details of proposal snipped]

It's a smart idea. But I wonder if it's a bit too 'meta', a bit too  
newbie-hostile. It makes a whole load of sense to me, but would  
require a bit of explaining to someone coming to OSM for the first  
time - and our learning curve is steep enough already.

Would it be possible to combine the two into one tag?

   cycle_route=NCN51;National Byway

And in the occasion of an unnamed one:


It does mean you have to infer the 'type' from both the key and the  
value (i.e. NCN51 -> it's an NCN route). But it seems a good  
compromise to me.

Of course, Andy may be proposing to blow all this out the water with  


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