[OSM-talk] no replay-to header at talk

Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at web.de
Wed Jul 11 12:15:29 BST 2007

David Earl schrieb:
> I do wish mailman offered this as an option per subscriber instead of an 
> option for the whole list. It's one of those things like Mac vs PC, 
> don't-reply-to-list has become like a religious tenet among many people 
> and they aren't going to change their minds. It could be so easily 
> solved if the list manager allowed it to be a personal preference, then 
> everyone is happy.
> In the meantime with opinion so polarised, it's a bit of a pointless 
> discussion that happens on every mailing list from time to time and is 
> not going to change unless you have the mailing list admin password
That's one of my main points: "on every mailing list" is not quite true. 
As I've mentioned before, these dicussions only happens at mailing lists 
that don't use "reply-to" headers, one of the main reasons that makes me 
think I'm not the only one ;-)

Obviously, the admin is the one to decide here, as the religious 
fraction won't come to a solution here ;-)))

Regards, ULFL

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