[OSM-talk] cleaning waterway

John McKerrell john at mckerrell.net
Wed Jul 11 13:03:59 BST 2007

On 11 Jul 2007, at 12:42, Ulf Lamping wrote:

> Edoardo Marascalchi schrieb:
>> I'm updating the Italian version of the Map Feature page and i'm
>> asking myself why water_point and waste_disposal are under the
>> Waterway section... would'nt be under amenity??
>> Are'nt water_point indended for caravans and camping?
> The comment is from, while I'm not quite sure if the comments are  
> really
> right (only a short discussion on this list recently).
> IF it's the way it's commented (still unsure), it should be moved to
> amenity IMHO.
> As water_point is pretty clear even after moving, waste_disposal  
> becomes
> ambitious. We might need to change it into water_disposal (or  
> something
> similiar).
> What do other's think?

I have no experiencing of barging(?) or caravanning, but could this  
have been intended as a place to pick up water from and dump your  
rubbish when you're going down the canal. Basically the same as with  
a Caravan but the person who added these was specifically thinking of  
their barge at the time? Obviously amenity would still be best as it  
would apply to both.


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